Turn The Page

I agree, meaningful name for such a short-articles, in fact so simple at first glance, the two words "turn the page" are for everyone its meaning. And that's the charm, as again emphasizes the individuality of each one of us. I always imagined my life as a book, like an inexperienced author, who writes his own biography. And each passing phase of life ended for me so ritual as "turn the page". Of course, to say the words it is much easier than actually do it.

Because he lived through your time, whether it's a fascinating journey, interesting introduction, or simply unexpected long-awaited purchase and so on, cause you a huge barrage of feelings and emotions, which allowed to print this event in your memory, like the author, who wrote another chapter to his book. And we both want to see those moments lasted as long as possible, that sometimes we can not make a move to the next stage of life. We like marking time and thoughts, over and over again trying to relive the moment, which is among the daily life caused us a wave of emotion. And without even realizing we do not want to do this step. But unfortunately as we had not tried to prolong these moments we can not do it.

After all, this is the beauty of life. Such moments occur when a person of their do not wait, they occur suddenly and surprisingly, that's when the emotions and feelings inside of us going wild. But, making our minds over and over again to experience this moment, we lose this rhythm, and emotions are no longer so bright and sensual, they seem to fade away. And here's why, to keep such a moment at the maximum peak, we should "turn the page" and take the next vital step towards new experiences. Topics Thus, how would you stitch your own unique life-book. From just such expensive things just for you, striking emotional chapters and sensual scenes. It is necessary to step on, step by step, without turning around and nothing to fear. This the time you've printed, and the following are waiting for you to come and in another way, because this is life.