Social Business Platform

Ie the process of shopping on the Internet does not look so perfect and perfect as you can imagine. And our goal was to improve this process and minimize user effort to a minimum. So the idea of solving this problem in the form of a button, which should be located in a window on your instant messenger or social networks, and in the future whenever you want, and at the right moment to transform a text box that you use to send a message to the other party to send a query string by one click. And the chief charm of this process should be that after sending you nothing more to do – no need to look for the seller to specify the name of the product, and just have to wait until the vendor released on you own, and ideally the process will take the maximum time – 5 minutes. Button name came to mind in itself – click and win – three words that reveal the entire meaning of a click on it. Extending this idea, as well as an understanding of the complexity of its solution, we have determined that a single site for this will be simply is not enough, in fact, we have reached a new solution – Social Business Platform (SBP), which includes all the features of current solutions: B2B, B2C, web 2.0 and even more, in fact it is something that should become a kind of engine that will able to unite everyone and everything in different variations – and the business user, the user – the user, the business – a business, etc., only in this relationship one person – the seller and another buyer.